AmiBroker Canada User Group

Welcome to the AmiBroker Canada User Group (ABC User Group).

The ABC User Group consists of end-users of the AmiBroker Software Platform.  This group is not affiliated with AmiBroker “the company” in any way.  That said, as users, we think the software is super useful and pretty darned awesome!

ABC User Group exists to network and share ideas, help support our members with coding challenges and provide education geared to assisting members improve their AmiBroker knowledge, specific uses, implementation and applications of the software functionality and coding skills.  This all takes place at our regular monthly meetings, which take place on the 1st Tuesday of each calendar month.

Our main focus is in helping intermediate to advanced users while inspiring new members to reach the intermediate level as quickly as possible.  Meetings for new users may go “a little over your head” if you are a new member, and for that reason, we suggest that you review our new user resources to get up to speed.  We also suggest that new members reach out and try to partner up with a more advanced user group member for some orientation and mentoring.

As ABC User Group is, in fact, a “user group”, we encourage our members to regularly contribute by rotating presentation responsibilities among members at most meetings, sharing knowledge and to participate in open discussion.  Some meetings will have professional or outside speakers present educational segments.  Members with presentation ideas or ideas for future meetings may post their suggestions in the applicable forum topic area.

ABC User Group had it’s first meeting on July 1st 2018 at the Oakville Town Hall on Trafalgar Road in Oakville, ON.  Regular meetings, for the time being, will take place at this same location on the 1st Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9 pm in one of the various meeting rooms, however, meeting locations and dates may change from time to time so please stay tuned and check posted meeting specifics each month.  Meeting details are also posted on the CSTA’s website each month at under the event schedule.

The group was created and is headed by Dave Di Marcantonio along with a hand-full of other local AmiBroker user misfits in the Greater Toronto Area  🙂   Some of these key founding members belong to the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA), as does Dave.  (Dave is also a former CSTA Oakville Chapter Head, having served for 3 years as well as 2 years on the Board of Directors of the CSTA).

The CSTA was very supportive in helping the ABC User Group start up it’s first meetings, and, as a number of CSTA members had also requested a software platform monthly meeting, the CSTA continues to graciously support our efforts .  This support from the CSTA allows our group to keep the meetings free of charge (for the time being) as well as enable the live broadcast of our meetings each month using their GoToMeeting facility.  (If you are outside our meeting area, you can log in each month to attend the meetings virtually.  To find information on virtual meetings or register through the CSTA for upcoming meetings click here.) 

ABC User Group would like to acknowledge and thank the CSTA for their on-going help and support and for the great work that they do in the field of Technical Analysis.  Many of our members are members of the CSTA and use Technical Analysis as one of their main foundational decision making tools and processes.  Please support the CSTA by joining their organization.  Their fees are super reasonable (only $125.00 /year) and they provide a great educational experience each month at each of their 11 National Chapters across the country.  The CSTA also provides an online library, links to live weekly/bi-weekly/monthly educational webcasts and several great national level meetings each year.  For more information, please visit the CSTA at


We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting!